London Symposium

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We took the opportunity to interview our speakers and project participants about what they’ve done with the Archaeology of Reading so far and what they hope to do in the future. From those interviews, we put together the following clips on the AOR project, as well as the capabilities and possibilities of the viewer. Scroll down to hear the full versions of each interview.

The Archaeology of Reading and the uses of digital scholarship (7:55)

Reading and Researching in the AOR Viewer (4:54)

 Full Interviews

Hear the archaeologists talk about their involvement and experience with AOR, the history of reading, and the role of digital scholarship in libraries, universities, and classrooms.

Delivered Talks

Frederic Clark (University of Southern California): “Historia and the Universal Library: Bibliography and the Reconstruction of Antiquity in the Work and Reading of John Dee”

Heather Froehlich (Pennsylvania State University): “Reading Multilingual Transcription Data in Dee and Harvey’s Marginalia”

Chris Geekie (Sorbonne Université)”‘The fantastical mould of Aretine or Rabelays’: The uses of Literature in Gabriel Harvey’s Marginalia”

Jaap Geraerts (University College London): “Patterns of Reading: Topical Marginal Notes and the Reading Strategies of John Dee and Gabriel Harvey”

Anthony Grafton (Princeton University): “Reading the Classics: The History of Reading as Reception”

Earle Havens (Johns Hopkins University): “Studying to be a Courtier: How Gabriel Harvey Read his Library”

Sara Miglietti (Warburg Institute): “What is an Annotator? Thoughts in the Margins of Marginalia Studies”

Philip Palmer (Clark Library, University of California Los Angeles): “Dee Reading Colón Writing Columbus”

Jennifer Rampling (Princeton University): “Paging John Dee: Reconstructing Alchemical Practice from Manuscript Notes”

Matt Symonds (University College London): “Signs of ‘Cosmopolitan Reading’ in the Books of Gabriel Harvey and John Dee”

Neil Weijer (Johns Hopkins University): “Believe it or Not: Assessing Authority in John Dee’s Books”

Final Forum – Books, Reading and Libraries: Past, Present, and Future


Winston Tabb (Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University)

Katie Birkwood (Royal College of Physicians Library)

Stephen Ferguson (Princeton University Library)